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Solar Water Heaters & Collectors with Vacuum Tubes


Vacuum tubes, as they work, consist of two glass tubes inside each other. The outer glass tube and the inner glass tube have a space between them. This space between the two glass tubes is in a vacuum. The vacuum as we know has perfect thermal insulation property. In the inner glass tube we have 12 special coatings which allow us to have> 96% absorption of the sun’s rays, having a very small percentage of reflection behind the sun’s rays <4%. As we mentioned because of the vacuum between the two glass tubes we manage to trap the heat inside the glass tube without having temperature losses back to the environment. Inside the glass tube we have aluminum sheets which have excellent thermal induction and induce the temperature from the glass tube to the copper located in the center of the glass tube. Copper is also inside the vacuum under pressure, also inside the copper there is a non-toxic liquid (US PATENT) which for the reason that it is under vacuum pressure makes it terribly heat sensitive, 30,000 times more heat sensitive than mercury. Thus due to the vacuum pressure under pressure this liquid has a boiling point <25 ° E. When the liquid is gasified due to physics, it rises upwards where the copper ends up in a copper condenser (Kthper) where through induction we transfer the temperature to the female cup located inside the solar water heater or to the solar collector. This way we manage to transfer the energy into the water without having heat losses in the environment.


  1. Due to the vacuum as the perfect thermal insulator we manage to have negligible heat losses. Conventional collectors lose a large percentage of the heat they convert from the sun, back to the environment and the reason is because in the front they have a crystal, plexiglass or glass which by itself does not provide any thermal insulation. As a result you lose a large percentage of the heat back to the environment.
  2. Because vacuum tubes are 360 degrees we have more hours of sun exploitation.
  3. They do not need annual service like the conventional ones, because they do not have liquids that need replacement or replenishment in case of loss or overheating.
  4. Due to the fact that the vacuum tube is a bio-life glass, the well-known PYREX is non-porous, as a result of which it is self-cleaning and does not need cleaning like the flat conventional collectors.
  5. High resistance to low temperatures down to minus -40 degrees Celsius.
  6. High yields, more extensive use in all seasons. Compared to conventional flat collectors, vacuum tubes in the same square collector area achieve much higher efficiency.
  7. No air resistance due to the circular aerodynamic shape of the vacuum tubes.
  8. Much lighter weight compared to conventional collectors. Easy to transport due to the small volume and weight but also because they are assembled.
  9. At least 10 times cheaper cost to replace a vacuum hose compared to a conventional manifold. No extra labor costs as its replacement is a simple process and can be done by the end user.
  10. In case of overheating due to absence (summer vacation) we overheat the hot water heater, the valve at the top of the tank swells and immediately at the bottom of the tank it is automatically filled from the cold inlet. This is done automatically without any human intervention, as soon as the water drops in temperature the valve will close automatically. In the conventional level collector we have two water circuits, one is the hot water for use and the second circuit is the water-antifreeze that the flat collector has inside. Here, if we have the phenomenon of overheating, this happens in the second circuit, with the result that when the expansion valve is opened, we will take out water-antifreeze, as a result of which the air collector catches in and does not perform properly, but is in danger of freezing due to the loss of antifreeze. and be completely destroyed if not supplemented with antifungal.

Product Warranty10 years5 years
Glass tube diameterΦ58Φ47 or Φ58
Φ582γπγπ1,6τητη ή 1,8γπγπ
Glass tube generation3rd generation (gold)2nd generation (red )
Hail resistance30πιιπ20πίγτί ή 25γπγπ
Reliability of glass tube20-25 years10-15 years
Water heater tank2,5πιιπ (enameled)1,2πτΓη (glass alloy)